Name: Rulene Moolman
Studio Name: The Lisa Raleigh Studio
Area: Parktown North

Rebounding has completely changed the way I exercise and train daily. I was completely hooked from the first class I did. To become an instructor was an absolute no brainer for me, especially after my rebound instructor stopped teaching the classes. I’ve been rebounding for the last four years and teaching rebounding for more than 18 months now. I completed my training with reboundSA in 2019 and qualified as a bounti Instructor in 2020, pre-Lockdown

Lisa’s course was fun, well structured, comprehensive and well presented. She bring professionalism and perfection into everything she does, and the course was no exception. 

I’ve been teaching classes online since lockdown last year, which has kept me physically strong and mentally resilient throughout these uncertain times. I love how it can fit into my day without ‘stealing’ too much time away from my family. As a mom, I know how precious time can be, and rebounding ticks all the boxes.

Rebounding helped me to reclaim my life and body after having two babies close to each other. 

I am beyond excited to be instructing the beginner’s classes at the Lisa Raleigh studio and to share my love and energy for rebounding. My classes are  beginner’s friendly but still loads of fun while getting fit and strong. Every week we’ll build on the previous week and add equipment and skill to our workout. We will stay focused on the basic techniques throughout the 45minutes class, which will be ‘layered’ so that complete newbies will feel welcome and comfortable. All beginners and newbies welcome, as we’re guaranteed to have a fabulous and fun workout. 

Facebook: @Rulene Moolman
Instagram: @rule_ne