Congratulations on your purchase of the bounti Rebounder, instituted by the Lisa Raleigh Group.

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to ensure that bounti Programmes are aligned with all the precautionary safety requirements, the Lisa Raleigh Group and its staff members will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained by an adult or minor in the usage of the product, which includes setting up and packing away, in addition to participation during a workout.

Detailed descriptions on how to correctly handle the specific bounti you have purchased and video tutorials on how to exercise safely can be found on our website.

Owners and any individual participating on the bounti Rebounder must understand that it is their responsibility to consult with a physician prior to participation in any fitness programme. This includes parents/ guardians taking responsibility for minors, i.e., making sure that a child has no underlying medical conditions that may be compromised as a result of physical exertion.

Please be aware that bounti Programmes are not designed for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for persons with any health condition that requires a special exercise regime.

As a responsible adult, by reading this disclaimer, you represent and warrant that you/ The User of the bounti (including minors) are physically fit and have no pre-existing medical condition that might put you/others at risk for injury.

The User therefore indemnifies the Lisa Raleigh Group against any losses, claims or damages, personal injury or ill health of any nature occasioned by any defect in any goods, services or information supplied, or any failure to provide adequate instructions in respect of any hazards that might arise from the use or incorrect use of the exercises/methods/techniques/equipment and the like.

To the fullest extent permissible in law, Lisa Raleigh Group is hereby indemnified against any direct, indirect, general, special, incidental or consequential damages or expenses that may result from representations including accuracy of content of the Programme or information relating to the Products or Services.

By accepting these terms, you the User further agree to indemnify and hold the Lisa Raleigh Group harmless for all damages, claims and losses which may arise, including without limitation to any claim or demand made by a third party by reason of any act or omission by the User of this Programme or a representative acting on behalf of the User of this Programme.

 Safety guidelines for minors

  • Only one child at a time can bounce on a rebounder.
  • Children/Minors under 14 years old should be supervised on a rebounder at all times.
  • Children/Minors should wear safe, appropriate footwear and clothing while rebounding. Avoid ribbons, tassels or shoelaces that could get caught in the bungee cords.
  • Children with any form of disablement should NEVER be left to rebound or play around this unit if not supervised by an able adult.
  • Seek medical attention immediately if your child experiences unusual pain, discomfort or sensations.
  • bounti Kids Bungee rebounders should not be used near water, windows, low ceilings, archways, slippery surfaces, heavy or sharp objects that could cause damage or injury.
  • Children/Minors must bounce within the safety indicator lines and avoid bouncing on the bungee cords.
  • Children/Minors must avoid all tricks on the rebounder such as somersaults. Only safe bouncing is permitted.
  • If you have any doubts/concerns, about your child rebounding, please seek advice from a medical practitioner first.

Please note that all our rebounders, support bars and other bounti equipment is never to be left outside or exposed to the elements (i.e. rain, water and extensive exposure to wind, sun or excessive moisture). Your warranty claim will be determined by you providing us with pictures and/or videos, so that we are able to establish the condition of your item. If we establish atmospheric exposure (such as rust, water damage, etc.), we reserve the right to refuse your warranty claim. We will always do our best to help rectify your situation, and are happy to coordinate with our manufacturers in attempting to repair your equipment (at your own cost).