“I am so inspired by the work that Alon and the team at PANDA are doing to elevate and empower individuals regarding mental health. We believe in a holistic and all-encompassing approach to wholeness; a combination of dietetics, nutrition, DNA, rebounding as a form of exercise, Body Kind as an element of outward expression of that transformation commitment, and now, with PANDA, we close that circle with your mental wellbeing. Identifying if you do suffer from a mental health challenge through to the professional support offered, all via a mobile app, is unique in South Africa. We pray that this partnership with PANDA helps and enables each of you to ultimately live the best versions of self.” - Lisa Raleigh 

PANDA is on a mission to democratise mental health care by empowering people to be proactive on their mental health journey. PANDA is a digital platform, providing access to wide-ranging mental health resources - a gym for your mind, in the palm of your hand. PANDA are focused on providing you with access to proactive and anonymous care on a breadth of topics and features with relevance to everyone. Being proactive about mental healthcare is crucial for a happier, healthier life. Just like you would use bounti rebounding for your body and physical wellness, PANDA is the gym for your mind and a resource for mental wellness. Amongst other features, PANDA provides you with access to live, audio-only sessions, 7 days per week. Sessions are hosted by peers for support or mental health experts to better understand daily challenges we all struggle with. Sessions run from 8AM-10PM (SA time) on weekdays and from 10AM-10PM (SA time) on weekends.

WATCH: The Lisa Raleigh Group's Partnership with Panda Unpacked

The PANDA app is available on all major mobile operating systems get.joinpanda.com (best clicked from a mobile device) or by searching "Join Panda" in the app store. When signing up on the PANDA app, use the promo code “bounti2023” and receive 3 free sessions of text-based chat support worth R150 each.