Name: Nadine Snyman
Studio Name: Rebounding for health. Rebounding for Life!
Area: Pretoria East

Nadine has loved exercise for many years and fell in love with rebounding the minute she stepped foot on a rebounder. She’s always dreamed of turning her passion for exercise into a career and jumped at the chance to become an official bounti Instructor and join the bounti Academy.

After rebounding for about a year, Nadine noticed so many benefits, she thinks everyone should be on a rebounder! “I love how rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system, increases white blood cells, promotes weight loss, reduces cellulite, improves posture, balance and coordination… the list is endless!” she says.

Nadine is passionate about sharing all the benefits of rebounding with as many people as possible and is dedicated to helping men and women feel healthier, happier and fitter through her online rebounding classes. She also has plans to open her studio in the near future. “I really want to give my clients personal attention and motivate them to uncover their own strength.  I want to show people that anybody can do anything they set their mind to,” she adds.

On Nadine’s experience of the bounti instructor course…. “It was so much fun. We learned so many new things and I now have a full understanding of how my body works. Lisa is such a warm person. She taught us the correct form and technique on the rebounder, and I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful team.”

Facebook: @NadineSnyman
Instagram: Snyman_nadine
Call: 082 463 1820