Product Description

The Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments are natural, South African Pinewood, handmade products. Therefore, there may be colour variations and unique imperfections. The size dimensions are also subject to a 10% variation. 

Assembly Instructions

Remove the tree from all packaging.

Fasten the nut at the base of the tree and turn the foot into an ‘X’ position.

Stand it upright on a flat surface, and (if applicable) hang your ornaments.

*We highly recommend that you keep the product(s)’s packaging for storage purposes when the product(s) are not in use. 


If your Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments develop a defect within 3 months from the date of purchase, Beaded by Luci will repair your item(s) at no extra cost to you (excluding shipping).

This warranty covers faulty workmanship and structural defects under normal conditions, excluding damages from accidents, improper handling, unauthorised modifications, unfortunate circumstances, such as fire or theft, or water and mechanical damages. 

In the event of a defect, please complete the form here to initiate a warranty claim. You can expect to receive a response within 3-5 working days. 

Due to the customised, exclusive nature of the trees - we are unable to accept refunds or exchanges due to you purchasing the incorrect size of tree. You are responsible for the proper size selection of your Christmas Tree(s) when you view them. 

The Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments are subject to inspection, either in-person or via email, by our support team and supplier. If the product shows evidence of intentional mishandling, damage caused by negligence or improper use, inadequate care, or unauthorised alterations, we reserve the right to deny your warranty claim. Therefore, any repairs, replacements, or returns will be at your own expense. For any accepted return, the item must be perfectly re-sellable and returned in its original packaging, with a receipt, and with no marks/stains. 

This Warranty and Returns Policy applies specifically to our Christmas Trees. Different policies are in place for other products or services offered by us. For further details or any questions regarding returns, exchanges, or warranty claims, please contact our team. You can email us at or give us a call at +27 79 534 4262! 

Storage & Care Instructions 


Please note, the ornaments are very delicate and require careful handling. Regrettably, we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the ornaments after you have received them. 

Care Instructions:

Please refrain from exposing your Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments to harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners or rough surfaces that can cause damage.

The Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments are never to be left outside or exposed to the elements (i.e., rain, water and extensive exposure to sun or moisture).

You should handle your item(s) with clean hands only and dust them off regularly.

Keep your Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments in a cool, dry area. 

Please note - the Christmas Tree(s) are made from untreated softwood, and wood movement with weather changes is normal. 

Varnishing of the Christmas Tree(s):

Should you want to varnish your Christmas Tree(s), we recommend you only use the Rustoleum Clear Spray. 

Storage instructions:

You should store your Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments in a clean, dry box when they are not in use. Avoid storing your Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments with other items to prevent scratches or unforeseen damage.

Keep the box in a cool, dry storage area.

*Please note that failure to follow these care instructions may result in damage to your item(s), including loss or damage of the ornaments, or scratches, deformation, and discolouration of the tree. 

Product Use, Risk and Safety Disclaimer

This disclaimer contains important information associated with the ownership of your Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments. Please read it carefully: 

Ensure the nut at the base of the tree is tightened before use. It is recommended that you occasionally tighten the nut during use as well.

The Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments are designed for adult use only. These products should be used responsibly and with appropriate caution to ensure your safety. They are not intended for use by children, nor should they be left within reach of children.

The ornaments and the embellishments on them are small and can pose a serious choking hazard if swallowed, or inserted into any bodily orifice(s), especially by infants and young children. If a part of the ornament is accidentally swallowed, or inserted into any bodily orifice, seek medical assistance immediately. Given that the Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments are handcrafted from softwood, there is also potential risk of splinters.

Based on how the Christmas Tree(s) is assembled or arranged, it may present sharp wooden protrusions/edges. Caution should be exercised to avoid potential injury to oneself or others.

The Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments are designed as a home decoration and should not be used in any other manner than as intended. Do not attempt to use the product(s) in any other potentially harmful or dangerous way. The product(s) should always be kept out of reach of children and pets.

By purchasing your Christmas Tree(s) and/or ornaments, you agree that we are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse, neglect, or failure to follow the above safety warnings and instructions. Moreover, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer, and you agree to use the product responsibly and as intended.