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      My history with the Fitbit brand goes back to over 7 years.  I’ve kept every Fitbit I have ever owned as an ambassador to their brand. It is far more than a collection of wearable technology to me. This collection represents many, many hours of tracking my training, rebounding, running, sleep as well as growth, hard work and proud ambassadorship. 

      Fitbit is the leading global wearables brand that helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to help them reach their goals. Focused on making health accessible to everyone through a combination of affordable devices, software and services to help you achieve your goals, Fitbit now has a supportive community of more than 30 million active users. With new devices, software and Premium service, Fitbit delivers even greater value to what it means to be “on Fitbit” – an immersive experience from the wrist to Fitbit app, designed to engage and support users and drive positive health outcomes.  Even my daughter, Bella, wears the new Fitbit Ace 3 that gets her up and active, and counting her steps daily! 

      I’m so proud to have  the Fitbit devices on our estore for all of you. We’ll bring to you the best of the Fitbit devices, especially those I love, so keep an eye on our newsletter and social channels for launches and updates right here on our estore! – Lisa

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