Thawed Jacket Fleece | Dark Grey

R 1,599.00 R 2,299.00

Body Kind’s Thawed Fleece Jacket is your flawless fusion of style, comfort, and warmth that transcends expectations! Crafted from luxurious fleece material, and locally made by a remarkable team of South African women, this jacket ensures you stay cosy and chic, even in the frostiest temperatures. Say goodbye to the winter chill in a way that truly resonates with your unique sense of style!

Boasting a hood, spacious pockets, and a fleece interior, the Thawed Jacket redefines layering by adding an extra dimension of warmth and comfort. Its distinct design, highlighted by faux leather accents and an asymmetrical zip, guarantees you'll enjoy not only snugness but also an unmatched sense of elegance.

At Body Kind, your comfort and confidence are our utmost priorities. The Thawed Fleece Jacket epitomises this commitment. Why compromise on comfort or style when you can effortlessly embrace both?

This jacket seamlessly adapts from casual outings to invigorating workouts, making it a versatile cornerstone of your wardrobe. Whether it's brisk mornings or chilly evenings, let this Jacket be your stylish shield against the elements. Elevate your fashion game, envelop yourself in warmth and sophistication, and set a new standard for seasonal style!

Size Chart 

  S M L XL
Center Back Length w/band(cm) 64 64.64 65.27 65.91
Bust (cm) 94 99 104 109
Sleeve Length(cm) 67 67.40 68.27 68.91
Bicep (cm) 35 36.70 38.40 40.10
Cuff (cm) 15 15.64 16.27 16.91
Hem (cm) 90 95 100 105
Rib Waistband(cm) 80 85 90 95