Respect 2.0 Tights | Black

R 1,499.00

The evolution of our iconic Respect Leggings is brought to life with Body Kind’s incredible Respect 2.0 Tights! Our original Respect Leggings are not only one of Body Kind’s best-selling tights, but they’re also among the very first Classic Black Leggings we ever launched, way back in 2021. Respect 2.0 offers an updated and refreshed take on our original Respect Leggings in a way that’s equally beautiful, classy and sleek.

Features of our Respect 2.0 Tights include:

  • A flattering high-waistband to suck, tuck and accentuate all the right places, featuring the stylish detail of wet-look material
  • Luxurious and imported matte-black compression fabric that’s supremely comfortable and smooths out any lumps and bumps
  • A few edgy touches on the legs that add some sass, including trendy ribbed fabric, sexy mesh detailing and some more stylish wet-look material
  • An homage to our original Respect Leggings, with 2 sheer pockets on either side to store your keys, cards and well-managed chaos!
  • They’re absolutely squat-proof, allowing you to move freely with no show-through

Ladies, with these Respect 2.0 Tights – once again – we see you. These tights are for the multiphrenic woman who can juggle it all, without a hair out of place! From the mom who is holding the home together, whilst keeping her business afloat, to the incredible corporate queen who takes no nonsense – and takes the kids to school – too! The moms, wives, entrepreneurs, admin magicians and CEOs who also double as chefs, counselors and a place of comfort for all those in their homes.

These leggings aim to hold it all together, just like you do! Just like you, these tights are so much more than the average, boasting gorgeous unique details and features that set it far above your standard pair of plain black leggings. Plus, they’re elegant, versatile and fashionable enough for you to wear for any season, reason or occasion!

Dress them up for a more formal look to suit your morning of meetings, and dress them down for a more comfortable ensemble that’s perfect for the afternoon school run and sweat sesh at the gym. The choice is yours, and the options are limitless!

Ladies, indulge in supreme comfort and undeniable beauty with Body Kind’s "Respect 2.0" Leggings. Because your strength deserves to be celebrated, and your style deserves to be embraced.


Size Guide Pants Size Hip Measurement EU
S 8 - 10 96cm - 99cm 34
M 12 - 14 104cm - 109cm 36
L 16 - 18 114cm - 119cm 38