Positivitee | Ubuntu - Blue

R 349.00 R 498.00

As South Africans, we should all know the meaning of “Ubuntu” by now. For those who are unaware, the word can be roughly translated as "humanity towards others". These Ubuntu Positivitee Vests embody the common phrase “I am, because we are”, which carries the ethical values of respect for others, helpfulness, community, sharing, caring, trust, and unselfishness.

Ubuntu was adapted as an ideology by post-apartheid South Africa, to encourage harmony and cooperation, giving priority to the well-being of our community as a whole. These Ubuntu Positivitees are not merely beautiful to look at, but can also be worn as a reminder of the Ubuntu values, as well as our patriotism. In further supporting our nation, these vests also showcase South African talent and craftsmanship, as they have been locally designed and manufactured.

The gorgeous design of these vests is representative of our country reigniting our sense of Ubuntu and rediscovering our pride in South Africa. Despite its challenges and difficulties, we need to remember that our country and its people are truly beautiful, diverse and worth celebrating!

Wear our Positivitees for workouts, and hotter days – their cotton quality won’t let you down. You can order yours true to size, or in a size up if you want to style it by tying it in a knot at the front, side or back, or if you want a more relaxed, oversized fit. Wear them out and about, to spread the positive and motivating messaging!

Step out in style in this stunning vest, with pride for our country’s resilience, tenacity and perseverance.