Introduction to Rebounding Workshop

R 199.00

Calling all rebounding newbies! This one’s for ALL of you out there who have heard about the incredible fitness and health benefits of “rebounding” and/or exercising on a mini-trampoline. Whether you have just begun rebounding or you’re interested in doing what NASA calls “the greatest form of exercise ever invented by man-kind”, then this is for you!

Time: 10:30AM - 12:30PM
Place: The bounti Studio – Corner of Posthouse & Main Road, or online, via Zoom
Price: R299 for in-person, R199 for online
Amenities: Showers, changing facilities and bathrooms available
Parking: Free and secure at the Posthouse Centre

Here, South Africa’s top rebounding expert, Lisa Raleigh hosts an introductory rebounding session, which includes:

  • A comprehensive, detailed explanation as to what rebounding is
  • Unpacking all the various benefits of rebounding
  • Insights regarding ergonomics and the various bounce moves
  • Safety guidelines and tips on how to prevent injury
  • Heavy focus on technique when standing and bouncing on a Rebounder
  • Emphasis on form fundamentals and mastering the basic exercise moves
  • Unpacking all the various elements that comprise a bounti rebounding class
  • Explanation of the bounti journey, including our accessories, programmes, rebounders and wellness offerings
  • A beginner rebounding workout with Lisa
  • A beginner “cheat sheet” PDF, with all the info Lisa explains
  • Q&A session and quality time with Lisa

Become immersed in the bounti philosophy, experience rebounding with one of the most influential global rebounding experts, and learn all there is to know about what we call the incredible “miracle modality”… Now, with the options to do it live online, in-person at the bounti studio and online at any time that suits you.

If you join us in-studio, your own bounti Bungee Rebounder, with all the necessary workout accessories, will be supplied FOR you on the day. Plus, you’ll receive a complimentary smoothie and pair of non-slip socks!

Become fully empowered to start your rebounding journey!

Customer Reviews

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What a fun, challenging and informative 2 hours. The instructor was amazing. It's harder than it looks (prepare for a bit of a workout) but also doable with no strain on your joints, and you can take things at your own pace. I loved learning about this new modality and trying something new. It also gave me a clear sense of where I want to go next with this. I wasn't planning to but I loved it!