Intermediate Programme

R 699.00

Please note, access to this programme starts from the date of purchase, unless we explicitly state a particular start date

After completing the Beginner’s Programme, so many of our clients want to step up to a challenge that caters for their increased fitness and rebounding familiarity, but still aren’t quite ready for the advanced classes yet.

Gain 12 weeks of access to this 4-week programme, which gives you bounti workouts from various instructors, including me, and provides an exciting challenge that will take your rebounding to new heights.

Each week includes 4 different style workouts:

  • Day 1: Lisa G's HIIT Class
  • Day 2: Steph’s Sculpt Class
  • Day 3: Tertia D’s Swift Class
  • Day 4: A slightly more advanced class with me, Lisa R

Although we have a whole collection of intermediate and advanced classes, our bounti Intermediate Programme really bridges the gap between "beginner" and "advanced", in a way that challenges you at gradual and sustainable pace.

While it's so important not to push yourself too hard, it's also important to remember that if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. The bounti Intermediate Programme gives you the best balance between advancing your rebounding, without taking it too far, too soon.

It includes a little bit of everything, and is amazing for exposing you to new class styles and concepts. What are you waiting for? Get bouncing!