Elimin8 programme | Hard Copy (OLDER VERSION)

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Please note this is our outdated version BUT it is an amazing purchase and still has all the great recipes!

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Start the effective Lisa Raleigh Elimin8 programme and become the best version of yourself! 

So often, our bodies can’t function optimally, as they’re too busy processing refined foods and filtering out toxins through the liver and kidneys. If you’re looking to eliminate these unwanted toxins, power through a weight-loss plateau and replenish your system with important nutrients, then give my Elimin8 programme a try. It’s designed to give your body a break and the chance to recharge, while making you look and feel better than ever.

This effective 10-day cleanse includes;

  • An eating plan focused on removing the top 8 food sources that may cause irritations and are usually eaten in excess.
  • An in-depth guide, with daily support to help you cleanse your body, prepare food and cook delicious meals that won’t make you feel deprived or hungry.

You can also supplement your programme with my Elimin8 kit, complete with healthy foodsubstitutes, available here.

Elimin8 Programme Testimonials

“I enjoyed how my body felt during the cleanse.”
- Chanelle

“The first week I felt very lethargic but by day 6 I felt fantastic. I actually didn't want to reintroduce any of the eliminated foods as I was loving the whole processes and really getting into it!”
- Kelly Lomax

“I loved the 10 day cleanse made my body feel really great and I did not feel at all like I was missing out. I still try to stay away from meat cheese and dairy as they seem to react adversely to my body.”
- Karen

“I absolutely loved the 10 day cleanse. Loved the variety of food and the delicious recipes. Felt amazing.”
- Michelle Sallie

“The 10 days went by very quickly I think my mindset was 100% in it... and I didn't even miss meat all that much. The introduction did help alot and could feel the difference salt and dairy made to my body”
- Tharina Esterhuyse

“I loved the Elimin8 program! You learn so much from your body, what is good and bad for it. I loved how I felt so clean and light. My body only reacted to caffeine, wheat, processed foods and only yellow cheese. I was surprised that my body had no reaction to sugars. Very good program”
- Jessica Broodryk

“I was quite skeptical at first about doing plant based for 10 days but it couldn’t have been any easier for me! I love how I felt, had so much energy and never once felt hungry. I also have a very sweet tooth and I never had any sugar cravings. The food was also very delicious!!!”
- Joanne Botha

“It was a little tough in the beginning, especially since I was not used to a purely plant based diet. I have come to realise that there are really great recipes out there for vegetables. I have also learn to include nuts and seeds which has been great. Reintroduction was tough bringing something in for a day and then taking it out again. But I hung in there.”
- Caroline

“The 10 Day cleanse started of difficult, but after a few days I got use to the routine of preparing meals, snacks etc... But once that was done, it was easy. The reintroduction was a bit more difficult and I did fell of the bus a few times... but kept on going and I am pleased and proud of my results. The journey does not end here.”
- Cindy Pittendrigh