"BRAVE" Ribbed Tights | Black

R 1,399.00

To be brave, means to face and endure any challenge with courage and fearlessness. This is exactly what our Body Kind “BRAVE” Leggings aim to invoke in all you fabulous ladies who choose to wear them.

As women, we are often pushed towards feeling shame and self-consciousness… These leggings encourage you to step out in style, with valour. Feel empowered to be proud, loud and take up the space you deserve! We often say that Body Kind is “confidence you can wear”, and we truly feel as though these leggings perfectly represent this conviction.

With their:

  • Anti-cellulite, ribbed material
  • Bold, daring and edgy design
  • Flattering and feminine fit
  • Convenient pocket feature to store your smaller essentials
  • And their super supportive high waistband to nip, tuck and suck…

…These leggings should leave you feeling powerful, confident, capable, ready to take on the world, and ultimately… BRAVE!


Size Guide Pants Size Hip Measurement
XS 4 - 6 90cm - 93cm
S 8 - 10 96cm - 99cm
M 12 - 14 104cm - 109cm
L 16 - 18 114cm - 119cm
XL 20 - 22 125cm - 131cm