Boga Programme

R 1,599.00

Please note: Access to this programme starts from the date of purchase, unless we explicitly state a particular start date.

*Please note this item does not include a rebounder, if you wish to purchase one, please click HERE.


WORLD-FIRST combination of yoga and rebounding; developing the power of the mind through movement by blending these complementary disciplines.

  • 12-week programme
  • 3 sessions a week
  • Access for 20 weeks
  • Class lengths vary within the programme (60-90 mins)

Instructor: The Yogi Paige

What to expect:
A full mind, body and soul practice that allows you to reconnect with yourself, uplift your spirit, rewind and relax. The aim of the programme is to build a strong mind. It is a progressive programme with specialised movements that are built upon week by week, guided by Yogi Paige.

But, what exactly is boga?
A world-first programme combining rebounding and Yoga. Seamless combinations of bounti rebounding movement and yoga, where you build strength physically and mentally with the guidance of Yogi Paige (Cassidy). This programme was designed to enable you to understand that you are truly powerful. It creates space for you to slow down, breathe and reconnect to everything that you are. Through this programme, learn to be unapologetically YOU!

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Ex-ballerina, qualified bounti instructor and highly acclaimed yoga guide, Paige, brings powerful insights into your own physical and psychological barriers, unlocking your potential as you rewind and reconnect on, and off your rebounder.

Entirely different to familiar bounti workouts, each class is designed to help you get out of your head, realise the power of the mind and build unbelievable strength that resonates in every aspect of your life. Welcome to yoga flow, on a rebounder!