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Tired of your resistance bands always riding up, curling, rolling, folding or slipping? It can be REALLY annoying - we know. Luckily, our Anti-Slip Resistance Band Covers are one of the BEST products we’ve introduced.

These Anti-Slip Resistance Band Covers are perfect for making your squats and jumps completely non-slip! Take the irritation out of your training - whether you’re using them for other workouts, or rebounding.

These Mini Loop Covers also:

  • Allow you to work your glutes and hamstrings without the hassle
  • Prevent your Mini Loop Bands from cutting into your legs, getting sweaty or tugging at your leg hairs
  • Are beautiful, high-quality and easy to use
  • Are made of easy-to-clean neoprene material

Add style to your Mini Loop Band collection. Grab these cute, yet functional, resistance band covers as a practical addition that also spices up your fitness arsenal!

If you’d like to purchase these Mini Loop Covers, WITH a Mini Loop Band Collection, we sell both in a bundle!