Cordless Skipping Rope | Black

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Frustrated with your normal skipping rope? With our Cordless Skipping Rope, you’re able to experience all the benefits and joys of skipping, without the risk of tripping!

Using a standard skipping rope on the ground is really high-impact, which is terrible for your joints and will leave you feeling sore and swollen. Cordless Skipping Ropes are a much safer option that you can also use on your rebounder, allowing you to make your skipping low-impact. Say “goodbye” to the stress and strain of wear-and-tear! 

Our Cordless Skipping Ropes offer the same skipping motion as a standard rope, while giving you a more effective workout as their foam handles are weighted! Attached to the foam handles via shortened and balanced PVC ropes, are the EVA balls. Using a Cordless Skipping Rope on a rebounder also amplifies their weight, due to the gravitational forces incurred during bouncing.

Skipping has never been this fun, safe, effective or adaptable! We promise that this one isn’t a best-selling client-favourite for no reason.

Weight: 200g for each skipping rope. 400g in total. 
Colour: Black