Your skin deserves the very best, so it’s important to be selective with the skin treatment products you’re using. If you’re serious about good skincare and want to see visible results (as well as know where your hard-earned money is going), then the new innovative optiphi® medical skincare range – DELTA, is for you.

Skin treatment at its best 

Although I’ve been using optiphi® skin treatment products for a while now, I recently switched over to their new DELTA range and I’m honestly blown away by the changes in the tone and texture of my skin. Since having my daughter Bella, I’ve suffered with dry, sensitive skin and my once-mild pigmentation marks have become more prominent- thanks pregnancy hormones!

However, after just a few weeks of using optiphi®’s DELTA range, I noticed subtle changes in my skin, and it’s continued to improve with time.

What is DELTA? 

DELTA is more than just a skincare range. It’s a high-tech, medical skincare system (including a product range and personalised treatment protocol), which was developed as a collaborative project between plastic surgeons, aesthetic practitioners, chemists, geneticists and biomedical engineers.

The aim of DELTA is to redefine how practitioners diagnose and treat the skin, so that it’s more specific to a person’s individual skincare needs – say goodbye to a “One Size Fits All” approach! The good news is, nowadays, personalised healthcare (and individualised medical skincare), is becoming more accessible to you and me.

And it’s just incredible that through DELTA and companies like DNAlysis Biotechnology, dermatologists and skincare experts can now get a clearer picture of what your skincare needs are and how to treat them with targeted products.

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DELTA’s secret weapon…

Their patented skin diagnosis system. After deciding to give DELTA a try, the aesthetic practitioners at optiphi® sent me a DNA Skin Test – which I took at home (using a simple cheek swab). The sample was then sent to the DNAlysis laboratory for analysis and the results were sent to my dermatologist, Dr Yashica Khalawan.

The aim is for a skincare specialist to understand what’s happening with your skin, on the inside as well as on the outside. Therefore, it’s important to have both an intrinsic and extrinsic test done – which is why I had a DNA Skin test done, followed by an external analysis – performed by Dr Khalawan. DELTA’s skin diagnosis system is used to characterise your skin’s condition.

My dermatologist analysed my skin and looked at these areas:
  • Wrinkles/sagging
  • Sensitivity
  • Pigmentation
  • Dryness

After the analysis, you get a status quo score which helps your dermatologist or skincare expert recommend a personalised skincare routine to improve your skin. NOTE: I love this specialised system because it’s helped me understand my skin better and I can use it to actively monitor whether my skin is improving (with various products and lifestyle tweaks) through the DELTA system.

Addressing my skincare needs  

After analysing my results, Dr Khalawan said that my main area of concern was sensitivity. She prescribed products from the DELTA Urban range to help. I now use:

DELTA Post-Stress Serum

This is a key product for me because it helps to reduce redness, dryness and inflammation – I can’t do without it! Dr Khalawan explained that this product is designed to treat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – which is exactly what I have. It also helps to treat UV damage which is great because I do spend plenty of time exercising outdoors.

DELTA Protection SPF 30

This has to be my favourite SPF product because it’s so lightweight and leaves no oily residue on my skin. Plus, it’s also been designed to boost the skin’s own defences against environmental pollutants, radiation damage and heat, making it more than just an SPF.

DELTA Exfoliating Cleanser

I love this cleanser because it gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin without being too harsh and it’s ideal for even the most sensitive skins. My skin always looks radiant after using it. This product is quite genius in fact, because the safe-scrub exfoliating beads release Vitamin B5 when massaged into the skin. Plus, lactic and salicylic acids exfoliate the skin but also boost hydration – which is why I can use it.

To complement my regime, I also use a great product from the DELTA Renewal range (which is specifically for pre-and post-aesthetic treatments):

DELTA Rejuvenate + Surgery

This product feels like a protective blanket on my skin – particularly if I’ve had a long day of shooting and I’ve worn a lot of make-up or if I’ve spent a day on the beach. It’s also ideal to use if you go for regular aesthetic treatments – like microdermabrasion or chemical peels as it helps to speed up recovery. It’s made with 15 active ingredients which work together to rejuvenate the skin.

TIP: Dr Khalawan also recommends this product for anyone who’s having a series of treatments such as Botox, fillers or medical peels.

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April 10, 2019 — Lisa Raleigh
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