My Fitbit is my official fitness staple and has been since the brand launched in SA. Yep, this fitness tracker is nothing short of amazing. Here’s why I love it…

I remember how excited I was a couple of years ago when Fitbit launched in SA and I was asked to test the device for the first time. From the get-go, I knew this fitness tracker would become a part of my life.

Why Fitbit?

There’s no doubt that the founders of Fitbit are dedicated to health and fitness as well as living a balanced life, and their fitness trackers prove it. The company’s core values resonate with me too, because I also strive for balance and overall wellness in every area of my life including; how much sleep I get, to my diet, immunity, general fitness routine, stress levels etc.

Fitbit has allowed me to keep track of all these important areas, not just my time in the gym. Since the beginning, it’s fitted seamlessly into my life and it’s been so much fun to use!

Over the years, the brand has also evolved and has continued to be a leader in wireless fitness technology, thanks to a wide range of products and accessories and strong sense of innovation. They’re constantly building on their products to offer better technology and more choice to every person, male or female, young or old! What started out as a simple pedometer in the Fitbit Tracker (the first Fitbit to launch in SA) has transformed into one of the best high-tech smart watches /trackers on the market.

Here are just a few impressive features you’ll find in the Fitbit family:

  • 15+ exercise modes
  • Calorie & heart rate tracking
  • Sleep stages tracking (light, deep, REM)
  • Apps, clock-faces and notifications from your mobile phone
  • Female health tracking (such as ovulation tracker)
  • Pace and distance with built in or connected GPS
  • Swim tracking (Some Fitbits are waterproof up to 50m!)
  • Music or connectivity to your Deezer account (smartwatch feature only!)

How Fitbit has helped me personally 

It’s kept me motivated to live a healthier, more active life. I love it when I reach my 10,000 steps every day. My Fitbit Charge 3 lets me know when I’ve hit 10 000 steps by vibrating and setting off ‘fireworks’. It’s the small victories, right?

It tracks my overall activity daily, not just gym time. For instance, if I don’t have time to fit in a gym session, my Fitbit still shows me how small choices – such as walking up a flight of stairs rather than taking the lift, chasing after my daughter, rebounding for 5 minutes – all add up and make a big difference at the end of the day. Passive exercise counts.

It’s for everyone, not just athletes. I’m a firm believer in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and with this comes variety. So rather than focusing on just one activity like running or cycling, I like to mix things up all the time. Some days I’ll just teach rebounding classes, head to a yoga class, enjoy a weight training session, take our dog Harley for a walk, or use our Eliptigo trainer. My Fitbit is versatile enough to track all these activities and record my calorie burn at the end of it.

It’s helped me to take charge of my health. With features such as the sleep tracker, heart rate tracker and female health tracker, I’ve been able to focus on getting better quality sleep (by going to bed earlier, changing the temperature in my room and wearing a sleep mask), plus I’ve noticed that an elevated heart rate is a sign that my body is fighting off an infection and I take the necessary steps to stop a cold or flu in it’s tracks. I’ve also been able to monitor my ovulation cycle to ensure I have a regular cycle each month. It’s genius!

It allows me to reach new goals. Throughout the years, my Fitbit has always been my biggest fitness companion. By watching my heart rate throughout an exercise session, I know when to back it off or speed it up, when to add more weights or cut back on the intensity. No matter what goal I’m pursuing, I know my Fitbit supports me through it.

It’s flat, feminine, light and versatile. Plus, it’s so sleek and comfortable too (I don’t even feel it when I sleep with it on). Currently, I’m enjoying the Charge 3’s rose gold straps, but I like that I can swap the straps to suit various outfits (there are plenty of straps to choose from including stainless steel, woven or leather), and I can change my screen’s ‘look and feel’ using various clock faces. I honestly never get bored.

All of the recently launched products are waterproof up to 50m. This is a massive bonus for me. As a busy, working mom always on the go, I sometimes hop in and out the shower in 5 minutes- and it’s great that I don’t have to take my Fitbit off. Also, my daughter is a little fish and loves to swim. She also loves to play with water when we do messy play activities and I love that my Fitbit is durable enough to withstand my busy lifestyle.

In a nutshell

Fitbit is the best device I’ve ever known, and I’ve loved testing out their new, innovative technology and additional functions and apps they link to.

It’s allowed me to live the best, happiest and healthiest life I possibly can, and I’m proud to be able to test and use on a daily basis the newest and best health & fitness wearables out there.

Click here for more information on all Fitbit fitness trackers. Fitbit is available from Dischem stores nationwide. Click here to visit their online store.

May 28, 2019 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Fitness