Whenever I tell the story of how I came across the Meraki ring, I get shivers. Because honestly, the ring found me, rather than me finding the ring. I stumbled across it on a trip to Thailand, and I just had to have it and share it with others. Myself and a friend/colleague spotted the Meraki rings hidden among thousands of jewellery stands at a large jewellery expo in the centre of Bangkok, and we both knew we had to bring them back to SA. You can find the Meraki ring here on my Online Store. It makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, or spoil yourself with one. Why not!

What does Meraki mean?

Modern Greeks use the term Meraki to describe the action of “When you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work.” Whenever I give this beautiful ring to a friend or family member, I also think of giving a piece of myself and my love or positive energy to them – which is symbolic in the gemstone.

What I love about the ring

  • It’s bespoke and stands out. 
  • It’s unique – you won’t find the Meraki ring in any store in SA
  • You can change the metal or gemstone to match your outfit – why only have one?
  • It’s meaningful and memorable

How it works

Choose your metal and semi-precious stones, then mix-n’-match to suit your mood and outfit.

There are three metal colours to choose from, that can either be polished or brushed metal. Then choose three gemstones to personalise your style as you please. Each gemstone slots easily into your Meraki ring, for a comfortable, statement piece of jewellery that often becomes a talking point. People always ask me where I got mine from and I love telling the story!

Step 1

Choose your ring size from 6 to 19. You find your ring size by measuring the finger you want the ring on, with a measuring tape, then opt for one size up from that.  

Step 2

Choose from these metal options: • Matte rose gold • Shiny rose gold • Matte gold • Shiny gold • Matte stainless steel • Shiny stainless steel

Step 3

Choose your gemstones: • Milky Jade • Rose Quartz • Clear Quartz • Crystal • Red Agate • Lapis Lazuli • Hermatite • Amethyst • Howlite • Snow flake • Black Agate • Moon Stone • Lardorite • Turquoise • Sodalite • Greenspot • Jade • Unakite • Rhodonite

Step 4

Order online and viola, your Meraki ring will be delivered in 1-3 working days.

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May 06, 2019 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Lifestyle