Why preventative healthcare interventions?

As a collective, the professionals aligned to the Lr group have a likeminded passion for optimal living. In the 20+ years that Lisa Raleigh has given passionately to realising the best possible outcomes for her clients, she has grown her own consulting services far beyond mobility and fitness, into the heart of aligning the many touchpoints that work cohesively to achieve true health, and wholeness.

Realising the very BEST version of SELF cannot be achieved without first undertaking to fully understand your unique physicality, genetic makeup and general lifestyle influences. That is why the Lr Group has now aligned with Carly Seager (BSc Dietetics) addressing nutrition and DNA, to offer a unique, data-driven offering that will take each individual through the necessary tests, steps, consultations, assessments and interventions on their way to realising their ultimate healthy, resilient, and happy self.

Beginning with an initial 15minute consultation with Carly, a carefully monitored process of professional assessment takes flight. Becoming the best version of you is about personal fulfillment, but this powerful place of being will also infiltrate business, family and relationships on absolutely every level. No two people are the same, no two treatment plans (journeys) should be the same; this is Preventative Healthcare Intervention.

Are you ready to meet your best you? 


The preventative healthcare journey

Every step towards health and wellness is a step in the right direction, but where should YOU begin? Working with your own personal data will ensure that every step is aligned to the most appropriate, results-driven journey for you.
A consultation with Carly will ensure that your journey is held by invested, passionate professionals from the beginning. Whether you begin with a specialised eating plan, a DNA test analysis, a full medical assessment or the brave decision to step up to the bounti Beginners Programme, your data becomes part of the Lr group’s framework to assist you to become your best you.
Working with all three preventative healthcare professionals ensures the most comprehensive possible start to your journey.

Carly Seager (BSc Dietetics)

Carly obtained her BSc Dietetics Honours Degree (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University in 2015, where she was privileged to be trained by some of the country’s finest dietitians. At graduation, she received numerous academic achievements from the Faculty of Health Sciences; including a Rector’s Award for outstanding academic achievement, Golden Key Society and Full Academic Honours. She also received awards for the best final year student in surgery, food service management, oncology, cardiology, diabetes, as well as research.

Carly is currently working as a private practicing dietitian in Sandton, Johannesburg and places a large focus on preventative healthcare and functional nutrition. She has been working with the DNAlysis Nutrigenomic tests for 5 years and has all of the required training and years of experience in interpreting and explaining the reports and translating the DNA results into practical, understandable lifestyle and nutrition interventions and recommendations. Carly’s other areas of interest in nutrition include; gut health and gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory disorders, weight management, diseases of the lifestyle (cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and diabetes) emotional eating and women’s health conditions.

Carly firmly believes in practically helping her patients make truly enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle changes thus is an avid healthy recipe creator and foodie. She is a Discovery Vitality Accredited Dietitian, a member of ADSA and registered with HPCSA and BHF.

Consultation Location: Lr Studio and Rooms in Parktown North, Johannesburg.

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