You can now layby selected products on our e-store, using LayUp! 

Make that commitment to pay off your purchase – without credit checks, interest payments or debt – and receive your product(s) when your final instalment is paid!

All you have to do is check-out using the Lay-Up button, which will be right under your “Add to Cart” button on selected products. We’ll then allocate, and immediately set aside the items you’ve layby’d and will dispatch your order immediately upon receipt of your last instalment (of if you’re ready to settle the remaining total before the term is up).

We will not touch or sell the stock allocated for your purchase whatsoever… You’ve made the commitment to us, so we’ll commit (and hang ten) for you!

The best part? There are absolutely NO credit checks! When you check out with the LayUp option, you will be re-directed to the LayUp website, where you can sign up for the layby service instantaneously, with a simple process involving minimal personal information and instant approval. 

You can select your own payment terms and work out a financial plan for yourself over a time period of your choice. The quicker you pay it off, the quicker we can get your purchase to you!

You can layby using card, cash or EFT. You’ll be notified before each of your payment instalments are due, with the option to pay more sooner if you wish to do so! You can pay online, from absolutely anywhere, using your LayUp account. As soon as that last instalment is paid, we’ll immediately ship your order!

Please take note of the following critically important Ts&Cs:

  • The LayUp layby service ONLY applies to selected products across our e-store, not our entire product range.
  • When purchasing goods on layby, discounts/specials do NOT apply.
  • You will only receive your purchase after the full amount due is FULLY paid off.
  • You can cancel your layby at any time; however, you will have to pay a cancellation fee (20% of the total of your layby order).

This is one of the most financially responsible ways of acquiring your health-orientated solutions.

Our collaboration with LayUp hands you another amazing tool to kick-start your wellness journey. Working towards something gradually, over a period of time, only makes the reward of finally receiving it SO much sweeter. Making the sacrifice every time you need to pay that instalment, and choosing yourself over those short-term splurges, is so much more gratifying in the long-term.

Make the debt-free financial commitment to invest in your most valuable, irreplaceable asset: YOUR HEALTH.

Find out more about LayUp, on their website, and check out all the rebounders, accessories and even DNA kits, that you can layby TODAY!