"You Do You Boo" Positivitee | White

R 498.00

Our Positivitee Vests represent so much of what my team and I strive for... Kind, encouraging, inspiring messaging that uplifts and motivates. These “You Do You Boo” Positivitees are super special because they’re actually in collaboration with Afrikaans Musical Artist and Public Figure, Irene-Louise van Wyk! You may know her hit single “Tekkies Brand”.

For this Positivitee design, we ran a social media competition, in which all of you had the chance to submit your gorgeous designs, with the winning design being the next one rendered on our Positivitees. Huge congratulations to graphic designer, Kiara Janse van Vuuren, on creating this gorgeous winning design… I’m absolutely in LOVE with it – as I’m sure many of you are too!

Her beautiful creation features lots of pink – Irene’s favourite colour – and a wonderful, proudly South African detail of the protea, our national flower, which symbolises resilience, diversity and our country’s beautiful, unique values. “You Do You Boo” is one of Irene’s signature phrases, which promotes being completely yourself, honestly and authentically. It means truly accepting, owning and loving every aspect of who you are, and not caring about what other people think… How inspiring is that?

Celebrate being YOU with this amazing vest! Wear our Positivitees for workouts, and hotter days – their cotton quality won’t let you down. You can order yours true to size, or in a size up if you want to style it by tying it in a knot at the front, side or back. Mix and match yours with any outfit!

Wear them out and about, to remind yourself and others of your bravery, the importance of celebrating all the beautiful, unique character traits of a life well-lived, and spread the positive and motivating messaging!

These gorgeous vests are fun year-end stocking fillers, great gifts and perfect for you, or anyone else who also needs that extra bit of recognition! They notoriously sell fast, so get that vest!