Adjustable Sports Crop Top | White

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When it comes to our Body Kind Sports Bras, we’ve got a high-impact bra, a low-impact bra, and - great news, ladies - we now have a Medium-Impact Sports Bra too!

This Medium-Impact Sports Bra / Adjustable Sports Crop Top is adjustable, with 3 different adjustment points: one on the back of the waistband and the other 2 on each of the straps. Adjust it according to your ideal fit and chest size!

This bra, more in the style of a crop top, is not as supportive and hardcore as our high-impact Body Kind Sports Bra. However, it still provides really great support - and is especially amazing for the smaller-chested ladies out there. It's also the ideal supportive garment for medium-impact activities - like dancing, cycling and jogging!

This Sports Crop Top also doesn’t compromise on comfort, with its supportive, thick waistband and no underwire. Choose from our various different sizes, in either black or white! With these amazing Medium-Impact Sports Bras, support and security meets comfort and practicality.