Summer of 69' Scrunchies

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Get ready to say “goodbye” to all of those horrendous bad hair days, with our absolutely fabulous Body Kind Scrunchies!

Add a stylish, retro touch to your hair accessories with these vintage-inspired, Summer of ’69 Scrunchies – named after Lisa’s favourite Bryan Adams song.

Our Body Kind Scrunchies really are ‘go-anywhere’ accessories, whether they’re a practical addition to an outfit or a statement piece… Add a little summery, old-fashioned-chic to any outfit. Tame your wild hair during your workouts or for everyday practicality.

Not only will our Scrunchies help you smooth down all stubborn fly-aways, but they’ll also keep the hair out of your face, with minimal damage to your strands. They’re lightweight, flowy and supremely stretchy to suit any hair type! We have a vast range of colours and patterns for you to choose from.

With these trendy Scrunchies, your bad hair days have NEVER looked so good.