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A new addition to our Elimin8 Programme!

While you are working through the 10-day Elimin8 programme, it can be challenging to find all the treats that will help you remove the top 8 food sources that may cause irritations and are usually eaten in excess.

Instead of running around to numerous health shops and snack stops, here is a box of beautiful, tasty alternatives that will help you to beat the cravings and gain joy from the process.

It is a box of MY favourite alternatives, including the ultimate "chocolate milk", Buchu waters, vegan Peri-Peri sauce, a coffee substitute made from FIGS and various dried fruits, vegetable biltong and broths. I put it together with love, research and attention to detail.

Gift yourself, or someone you love who is embarking on their Elimin8 journey, or the beginning of another journey to wellness. Nothing but flavour and superfood power, all in one box. 

Snack Box includes: 


1 x Vegan Peri Peri sauce (250ml)
1 x Honey (230g)
1 x Peanut butter (400g)
1 x Buchu water - Blackcurrant
1 x Buchu water - Lime

1 x Chocolate Almond milk (1L)

1 x Dried Blueberries (100g)

1 x Dried Pears (100g)

1 x Dried onions (50g)

1 x Dried Tomatoes (50g)

1 x Vegan Droewors (30g)

1 x Dried Figs (60g/200g)

1 x Cupa Souper Food: Miso (12g)

1 x Cupa Souper Food: Tom Yum (12g)

1 x Cacao Florentine: Turkish Rose (35g)

1 x  Cacao Florentine: Dark Original (35g)

1 x Coffig (100g)