Rebounding Shoes | Sketch Soles

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Want to prioritise your safety, hygiene and comfort, while also maximising the benefits of your workout, when you rebound? While it’s possible to rebound in lightweight trainers, we would much rather recommend a pair of our incredible bounti Soles! Here are just a few of their many awesome benefits:

  • bounti Soles maximise the space on your Rebounder, unlike trainers, which can be bulky and restrictive
  • bounti Soles allow the most effective stimulation of the proprioceptors on the soles of your feet
  • Your Rebounder mat will thank your bounti Soles for their more forgiving feel and reduced wear-and-tear impact
  • While you can rebound barefoot, bounti Soles are more hygienic – bare, sweaty feet carry fungal infections and bacteria
  • bounti Soles give you a firm, yet gentle, non-slip grip that promotes balance, stability and confidence when bouncing, making them the ultimate rebounding footwear
  • With their added toecap, bounti Soles are comfy, durable and protective

bounti Soles, while they are the ultimate rebounding shoe, are also amazing footwear for so much more than just bouncing. Wear them to and from your rebounding classes… But why stop there? You can also wear them for a quick shopping errand, to the gym, for a yoga class or on a beach trip. They’re also a truly comfortable option for air travel. Lounge around and relax in your favourite pair!

Enjoy our fabulous bounti Soles as a “hug” for your feet… No matter where you go, or what you do!