Silicone Cleaning Brush | Large 38cm

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“Even after you throw old sponges away, the bacteria-killing triclosan that they’re impregnated with negatively impacts aquatic ecosystems.
“Plus, the synthetic materials that they’re composed of continue to release dioxins and formaldehyde into soil and the atmosphere long after they’ve left the factory”

These cleaning brushes are made from highly durable 100% food grade silicone and will last you years.
Because of its smooth design it will not scratch or damage the integrity of you kitchenware, food storage containers or reusable bottles.
Can withstand up to 230 degrees heat and can be sterilized.
Silicone is non-porous and therefore cannot harbour bad bacteria.

* use it for cleaning baby bottles and teats
* glasses
* water bottles
* daily dishes
* 24cm with small head can reach well in small areas and baby bottle teats
* 32cm medium all round purpose
* 38cm great for cleaning vases, tall glases ceramic cans