Shift Volare Shoes | Purple & White

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“Every fitness enthusiast will agree, footwear is a major investment in your modality of choice, and we all want shoes that work across our sporting interests.

While, for rebounding, I recommend bounti Soles or Socks, I know that some of my clients prefer to bounce in trainers for that extra support.

These Power Trainers are the only trainers that I would ever recommend for rebounding. While other trainers put you at a higher risk for pronation, ankle rolling and injury, these Power Shoes are super lightweight, with a sole that isn’t too raised – perfect for rebounding.

Unlike other bulkier trainers, Power Shoes are also the ideal size, not taking up too much space on your rebounder mat.

Multi-tasking, affordable footwear DOES exist! These trainers are also great for short to medium distance runs, wonderful for your gym workouts and walking!” - Lisa Raleigh


Power designs and markets a range of contemporary, durable and comfortable footwear. The Shift Volare is an affordable fitness shoe for recreational and performance athletes.

Designed for a neutral gait, with gentle midsole support. A lightweight, responsive shoe that is great for any workout.