Sculpt Swift FOMO Workout #3 | Steph

R 100.00

Steph’s bounti Sculpt classes have more of a Pilates feel to them, with a sprinkle of some Barre principles and movements in each session. Obviously, she still incorporates the cardio and strength elements, but loves to bring in the elements of control, balance, mobility, core work and alignment – Steph really values focusing on good technique.

This Swift Sculpt class is around 35 minutes long, and is at an intermediate level. This Sculpt Swift session condenses all the elements of a full-length class, into a brief, yet comprehensive, session for all the busy bees out there, who still want to get their daily workout in on a time crunch. Steph’s dynamic sessions include controlled movements, used to effectively activate and recruit a variety of muscles, while focusing on lengthening, strengthening and toning.

Her classes ensure building a level of muscle endurance and stability, working to strengthen and challenge your entire body. Join Steph for a high-energy session that will definitely leave you feeling worked out!