Rebounder Skirt | Sketch

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R 499.00

This skirt fits a Spring Rebounder Pro and a Bungee Studio Bi-Fold Rebounder only. Please note, this item will be dispatched within 7-10 working days.

Give your rebounder a makeover with our brand-new Sketch Rebounder Skirts! Our gorgeous “Sketch” print is a proud celebration of femininity and strength, designed by competition winner, Lize Van Zyl, whose Sketch design received the most votes from our team and our followers… This print is FOR you, BY you.

 It’s also proudly South African, demonstrating the brilliance of our local talent. We regularly partner with local artists, suppliers and manufacturers to bring you beautiful, premium-quality products that celebrate the talent of our incredible South African people.

 Enjoy this unique, classic and delicate print. This black-and-white design promises to bring elegance, intricacy and class to your workouts!

All skirts are locally made using the best-quality fabric, as well as straps and velcro to hold them in place when you bounce.

Change up the look of your rebounder by mixing and matching the various prints in our vast range of rebounder skirts… Your Spring Studio Pro has never looked so good!