Rebounder Carry Bag | Rubik's Cube

R 999.00

Please Note: This bag fits a bounti Spring Rebounder Pro and a bounti Bungee Studio Bi-Fold Rebounder ONLY

Traveling with your rebounder has NEVER been this easy, thanks to our custom-size Rebounder Carry Bags! Use them to store your rebounder safely on the move.

They have been specially designed to hold your rebounder snugly when folded and protect it from scratches, tears and environmental elements as you travel.

Features of our Rebounder Carry Bags include:

  • Made of strong canvas
  • Custom-made to fit your bounti Spring or Bi-Fold Rebounder
  • Reinforced with stitching for durability
  • Include a shoulder pad augment for added comfort when carrying heavy equipment for long time periods
  • Include 6 individual rebounder leg pockets to suit all your Bi-Fold needs
  • Include a front pocket on the outside – great for storing extra goodies, like a water bottle, car keys or workout towel

Our Carry Bags are amazing for those of you who love to bounce on the go… Grab yours – along with the portable Spring or Bi-Fold Rebounder – to bounce anywhere, any time!