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Get you pair of Power shoes and start rebounding on the right... FOOT!

Retails for around R599-R699... now on Special for only R499


As someone who has a legitimate reason to climb into workout gear daily, I’ll admit I spend a lot longer in it than just the hours I’m exercising. For that reason, I care a little more about trendy prints, new designs and cool accessories. As for matching? It’s a must.

This can all make the workout wardrobe a little pricier than I’d like. However, when I discovered Power footwear, it felt like I just arrived in heaven. Gym bunnies, fitness fundis, athleisure lovers and general workout gear wearers – I have great news for you. Trainers can be cute and affordable!

Power footwear – my new shoe find (and fetish) – are just brilliant for many reasons. Here’s a quick review of why I wear them daily:

They’re pretty

Yup, it’s top of the list. As mentioned, these trainers are super cute, and there are a bunch of different colours and styles to choose from.

They’re comfortable

The Power footwear range is not only extremely comfortable but also highly supportive, thanks to some impressive tech. Here’s a brief overview of my favourite elements you’ll find across the ranges (I’ll try to spare you the jargon):

  • Flex Dial Pro Technology: This reduces friction on the ball of the foot – where most of our typical swivel action comes from – allowing for quick and comfortable directional changes.
  • Non-Marking: I’m thinking of the squash players out there. These trainers won’t mark the courts, which is fantastic.
  • Griptron Tech: Enjoy excellent grip on uneven surfaces, thanks to this added tech that improves traction in any direction.
  • Memory Foam and Plazma2 Cushioning: These are two of my favourites. You’ll find memory foam in the soles of the walking range, which helps to relieve pressure over long hours. Then there’s the Plazma2 Cushioning, which sounds technical, but it’s really just a savvy energy conducting pad that absorbs the impact from heel strikes.

My favourite pair slides on like socks, and I wear them all day – especially on long shoot days – with zero pain. Plus, they’re great and lightweight for the rebounder as well. The bottom line? You’ll be super comfy, no matter what you get up to.

They improve performance

Power footwear is designed with specific goals in mind. And as mentioned above, they use the latest sports shoe technology to achieve this. While there’s no harm in cross-training in your shoes, you should try buy trainers for your specific purpose – outdoors and trail running, walking or lifestyle – to really reap the benefits.

They’re affordable

At R599 a pop, this is pretty much the best value for money I’ve seen on the market. Especially given their aesthetics. For the fashionistas out there, you can afford a few different pairs to match your outfits, versus some of the pricier footwear brands out there.