Mini Infinity Bands - Pink

R 349.00

Our beautiful range of Mini Infinity Loop Resistance Bands can be used to work a variety of different muscle groups, at one of five different resistance levels. Use them to tone your shoulders, biceps, triceps, outer thighs, glutes and more!

Wondering just how effective resistance bands can be? Sometimes, they can even be more challenging and dynamic than free weights!

This is because resistance bands promote both eccentric and concentric contraction (shortening and lengthening of the muscle). Eccentric movement is most neglected when using free weights. After concentric contraction, we tend to drop the weight rather than slowly bring it down with resistance (the eccentric movement).

When using a resistance band, you're more likely to keep your muscles engaged throughout the exercise! This strengthens and lengthens your muscles, while also improving your control. Unlike free weights, they also don’t have a gravitational pull, which spares you joint and tendon pain.

They’re also:

  • Totally adaptable to any fitness level or specific muscle group… Choose a resistance level that suits you, while also challenging you! They’re available in five different resistance levels – from extra light, all the way to extra heavy.
  • Versatile – use them to work any muscle group. From your lower body to your upper body, they provide an amazingly effective workout.
  • Portable, lightweight, travel-friendly and incredibly affordable. Throw them in your handbag or gym bag, and you’re set!

Versatile, effective and won’t break the bank. What more could you ask for?

Mini Infinity Bands Feature:

  • Non-Latex
  • 5 Resistance Levels: Extra-Heavy, Heavy, Medium, Light, Extra-Light
  • Easy to clean