Malouf Travel Pillow

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Treat yourself to an ultra-comfortable pillow after a long day on the road. The compressible design conveniently allows you to bring the Travel Zoned Dough virtually anywhere.

Comfort zones for head and neck
Ventilated for increased air circulation
Take a small version of your pillow when you travel
Dough® formula creates a softer, more supportive memory foam
Ventilated for increased air circulation and breathability
Zoned comfort cradles the head while supporting the neck
Compressible design allows for convenient travel or use as a neck roll pillow
Convenient size can be used as a traditional sleeping pillow

Pre-wash the zippered cover before first use.
Wash zippered cover separate from other items as the zipper may cause damage to clothing or linens
Wash the zippered cover in warm water using a non-chlorine bleach detergent on a gentle cycl with a cold water rinse
The pillow can be spot cleaned with mild detergent by hand only; do not soak or machine wash the foam. Rinse with warm water.