Kiddies T-bar | Pre-Order | Citrus Berry

Kiddies T-bar | Pre-Order | Citrus Berry

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Take your rebounding workouts to the next level with SA’s first T-bar.

Base: Purple
Inserts: Orange
T-bar name: Citrus Berry

Modelled on the award winning adult-size T-bar, the kiddies’ T-bar gets your little ones jumping higher, moving faster and being more creative whilst maintaining balance and safety. Great to boost confidence in beginners, and to enable experienced rebounders to push it up a level.

“This forms part of my bounti Kids range, which was carefully curated and designed to bring the benefits of rebounding to our kids.” – Lisa 

The Kiddies’ T-bar is stand-alone and can accompany any of our rebounders.

*Please note this is for the T-bar ONLY and doesn't include the rebounder