Holiday Unlimited

Holiday Unlimited

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Access Available 22nd Dec - 11 th Jan 

Welcome to our Holiday Unlimited online platform! Are you worried about losing your fitness progress during the holidays? Our platform with unlimited access to workout sessions will help you to stay on track during the festive period. 

This Holiday Unlimited Online platform contains 30 of the latest uploaded Bounti FOMO workouts, which you can access at any day or time. All you need is WiFi and some motivation!

The Bounti FOMO workouts are for those of you who enjoy the energy of my live classes, and want to keep up with your rebounding on your own schedule. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”, and these classes will offer you the opportunity to do my live classes at any time that suits you!

These 50 to 55 minute sessions are pre-recorded and converted into accessable files on our platform, giving you the chance to train along to the latest of my previously shot and recorded classes. 

Treat yourself this Christmas! Upon purchase, you will be invited to a platform where you’ll have access to these 30 latest FOMO workouts at any time during the holidays.

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the new year!