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“There are so many daily habits that we can embrace to support optimal mental health. Regular journaling is one that comes highly recommended by many mental health practitioners, and it is one that I incorporate into my own busy life for many reasons. Set aside just 3 to 5 minutes each morning and each evening to capture your day in writing. Ideas for things you can write…

  • Poetic paragraphs, or bullet points, or do some doodling.
  • Identify things you are grateful for, express frustration or sadness, describe your goals, write a letter to your body.
  • Make a list of your emotions, and compare them week on week to identify triggers that bring you down.
  • Write letters to your younger self, or your future self. 

Therapeutic journaling is about working your way below surface level, in a totally safe space, to make sense of our external world and internal responses to it. Journaling can also be an extremely useful tool if you are working with a therapist. Track your patterns, express your emotions, delve into the parts of you that need quiet time, and words, to find their way.

These various journals I have handpicked because I’ve used them along my way. Hope you find YOUR one and treasure this investment in YOU.” – Lisa X

Product Highlights:

  • A5 in size
  • 12 Weeks of content
  • Non-dated so you can start your journey at any time
  • Glossary of Mind Your Hero terms
  • Mind Your Hero's MAGIC goal setting system
  • Weekly Reflection
  • Weekly Planning
  • Daily Pages
  • Tri-weekly challenges
  • Rewards
  • Affirmations
  • Elastic binding on the side
  • Available in a black, rose gold or duck egg blue.
  • Branded with the MYH logo

The HERO Journal serves as your “accountability buddy”, giving you the tools to do your inner work as it provides you with a sense of guidance and structure daily.

Some people view the HERO Journal as a manifestation journal or a mindset journal – we view it as a 12-week self-mastery journal that helps you become the hero of your own life through setting aside dedicated time each morning and evening to work on yourself.

For anyone looking to achieve personal growth and development, it is incredibly important to follow a morning routine, as well as an evening routine. So many people look over the importance of an evening routine and as a result, neglect it, leading to poor sleeping habits as well as anxiety, stress and depression.

The HERO Journal is designed to guide you with completing quick 5-10 minute tasks in the morning and 3-5 minute tasks in the evening. The morning tasks help set your day up for success and the evening tasks are there to help your mind ‘shut down’ so you can have a good night’s rest.

No need to carry different journals with their own purpose: gratitude, goal-setting, weekly focus, etc. The Hero Journal is a multi-purpose journal, along with a few ‘extras’ ;)

This is the second iteration of the HERO Journal – it has been significantly improved. We were able to take all of this feedback and put in the time and effort to create what we believe is a perfected product with the power to change the world.

Our advice is that you keep the HERO Journal on your bedside table and get into the habit of using it first thing in the morning after waking up, and the last thing in the evening right before going to sleep.

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