DNA Belly Test

DNA Belly Test

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“If you really want to get the most from the e-book and BellyBook programme and target that stubborn belly fat, I strongly suggest having the DNA Belly test done. This new, bespoke DNA test has been designed to uncover certain gene variants, which will reveal how your body responds to key areas that could influence your waistline. Everything from the type of exercise you should be doing for optimal fat burning, to which foods you should avoid or include in your diet, plus your inflammation and body’s response to oxidative stress.

While my Belly Book Programme certainly offers everything you need to understand and shed excess belly fat, this DNA Belly test will really help you to drill down into the factors you should be focusing on.”

Getting Tested:

Test kit is sent to you via courier service. You will do the swob and we will book for collection of your test.
Lisa or an Lr representative will see you face to face OR you will do an online follow up consultation.

R3999 includes the test and 30min (compulsory) reporting session. R179 to cover courier costs to and from DNALYSIS labs after you have been swobbed.