Bungee Studio Bi-Fold Rebounder

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Please Note: The bounti Bi-Fold Bungee Rebounder is not intended for use as a primary rebounder, especially for individuals weighing over 55-60kgs. It is designed as a secondary rebounder, or as a portable rebounder option for travel. If you are looking for a primary rebounder, please consider bounti's alternative rebounder models.

“A South African first, designed and developed with 20 years of experience and passion for rebounding…our beautiful and arguably most versatile Bungee Studio Bi-Fold Rebounder! The FIRST foldable bungee in South Africa! The team worked incredibly hard on this project, taking into account every feature that YOU wanted us to include. Lightweight, and so easy to transport wherever you go. The Bungee Studio Bi-Fold weighs less than any of our other rebounders making it incredibly easy to transport, and it fits comfortably into our beautifully designed rebounder carry bag. The bounce on this rebounder is absolutely incredible. We love bringing innovation to you FIRST! Order yours today.”

Some of the Bungee Studio Bi-Fold Features

  • Screw-off legs ensures the mat folds flatter than any of our other rebounders.
  • It has a slightly smaller frame circumference than our spring rebounder. Interesting note; even though the product is so light and the frame so small…the jumping surface of the bi-fold mat is only second to the Bungee Deluxe - it may be smaller but you don’t sacrifice any jumping surface area.
  • The Bungee Studio Bi-Fold weighs less than any of our other rebounders making it incredibly easy to transport, and it fits comfortably into our beautifully designed rebounder carry bag. 
  • For the bungee lovers, for beginners to experienced rebounders and all of you who want to take your rebounder wherever you go (yes, you should sneak it into your office and/or easily hide it under your desk).

In Summary

Bungee Studio Bi-fold Rebounder Details:

Height: approx. 34cm
The diameter of the rebounder frame: approx. 101cm opened and halved when folded
The diameter of the foldable bungee rebounder mat: approx. 77.5cm
Max weight capacity: 75kgs
Weight of the rebounder: approx. 6.34kgs

Bi-fold Rebounder Warranties:
Frame: 6 months 
Mat: 6 months 
Cords: 3 months 
Powder-coating and paintwork: 3 months
Feet: 6 months

*We recommend that you do the Beginner's Programme to be able to start bouncing on the right foot! The Beginner's Programme is listed on the estore for R1599 BUT if you purchase a rebounder you will only pay R999. Please email marketing@lisaraleigh.co.za with your order number to get the discount code

Store and transport your beautiful new Bi-Fold in one of our bounti carry bags, click here to shop our range of carry bags.

*Return policy: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase- we will refund the full cost if re-packed correctly in its original packaging and returned to Lisa Raleigh in a new, unused condition- within 7 days of your documented receipt of the unit.  Any and all delivery costs incurred to send and return the goods must be paid for by the consumer. This refund excludes any and all courier postage costs (for receiving and returning)- and refunds will not be given if the unit has been accidentally or deliberately damaged or amended in any way whatsoever by the consumer.

Please note that your rebounder is never to be left outside or exposed to the elements (i.e. rain, water and extensive exposure to wind, sun or excessive moisture). Your warranty claim will be determined by you providing us with pictures and/or videos, so that we are able to establish the condition of your rebounder. If we establish atmospheric exposure (such as rust, water damage, etc.), we reserve the right to refuse your warranty claim. We will always do our best to help rectify your situation, and are happy to coordinate with our manufacturers in attempting to repair your equipment (at your own cost).

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