Bounti @ HOME Classes | Train from home

Bounti @ HOME Classes | Train from home

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Build strength, burn calories and have fun! Bounce your way to your dream body. Join Lisa in our NEW prerecorded @HOME classes and train from the comfort of your own home! 

Rebounding is more than just a workout. It offers an incredible health boost for your whole system. Yep, bouncing on a mini trampoline supports the body’s natural detox processes, boosts circulation (therefore reducing cellulite!) sculpts a strong core, and tones muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Class details:

  • 55-60-minute sessions
  • Classes are done via DEMIO
  • Times/days to be booked on Box Champ app
  • Once you’ve purchased sessions, they’ll be loaded onto an account for you with Box Champ. You can then select the sessions you would like to do.
  • You will be sent a link to the class prior to the class starting
  • The class will start at the time booked sharply and the session will be over once the class is done
  • This is a once off use of the prerecorded session

Get motivated with great music, exciting workouts and excellent results. Finally – fitness meets fun!

Class Rates:
1 X class = R80
5 X classes = R350 (R70 each)
10 X classes = R500 (50 each)

Current Schedule (SA times):

  • Mon 8:00 & 19:00
  • Tues 9:00
  • Wed 12:00 & 17:00
  • Thurs 17:00
  • Fri 9:00 & 19:00
  • Sat 7:30 + 10:00 + 16:00
  • Sun 8:00 + 10:00 + 16:00

Terms & Conditions:

  • Classes purchased in bulk do not expire
  • Classes are not refundable but can be gifted to someone else if you are unable to use them
  • Cancellation will need to be done via boxchamp 3 hours before the class for you not to loose the credit
  • If you do not cancel within the above mentioned times you will be billed for the class

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