bounti Boots | Foot warm up before your boot workout

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Pre-bounti BOOT workout, it’s critical to prep your feet. The foot warm-up consists of rolling out and mobilising your feet before they go into your bounti BOOTS. It ensures that the ankles and shins are properly articulated and stretched out.

Tertia will then show you how to put your BOOTS on properly, and strap them correctly. She will then teach you how to go from a seated position to a standing position safely, as balancing in the BOOTS can be tricky. It’s important to maintain your balance so that you don’t hurt yourself.

She then teaches you how to position yourself when you are standing upright, making sure your core is engaged so that you don’t injure your back. She also teaches you general, overall safety tips in bounti BOOTS, as well as what to look out for, such as any obstructions or sharp objects that may surround you.