Bodytec X LR Phase 1 Only

Bodytec X LR Phase 1 Only

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Phase 1 | Elimin8 + Re-intro

As a wellness expert and media personality with over 15 years of experience in my field, I am so excited to bring you the ultimate wellness program, in collaboration with BODYTEC Nutrition Solutions. The combination of BODYTEC’s uber effective Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training and my tried-and-true Elimin8 nutrition program is sure to give you optimal results and help you meet your wellness goals. Whether you’re aiming to gain some muscle or lose some weight, we all know that abs are made in the kitchen.

BODYTEC’s EMS training, which is supported by extensive scientific research, includes the use of a medically approved device that contracts your muscles via an electrical current, allowing for maximum strength training in a session of only 20 minutes. One 20 minute session per week is more challenging than a regular gym session. These all-round, high-intensity, low-impact muscle activation strength training sessions are guaranteed to get you better or equal results.

 However, as I always say: when it comes to results, there are simply no shortcuts. The foundation of almost every wellness goal includes a combination of regular exercise and a nutritious diet.

Nobody can out-train the fork – so try my Elimin8 program in conjunction with your BODYTEC EMS training, and become the best version of yourself! You may think that you eat a healthy diet, however our bodies’ functioning is often inhibited by constantly processing refined foods and filtering out toxins. The Elimin8 program is designed to remove the top 8 toxins and most irritable foods to replenish your body’s system. Giving your body a break to recharge is guaranteed to make you look and feel better than ever before. 

The effective 10-day Elimin8 cleanse involves a diet plan that excludes caffeine, alcohol, added sugar, animal protein, dairy, wheat, added salt and any processed or refined foods.

Luckily, you will receive an in-depth guide with daily support on how to cleanse your body and cook delicious meals that won’t leave you hungry.

Should you purchase this program, you will receive my Elimin8 Recipe Book , which contains over 30 cleanse-friendly recipes to help you along 

The second part of the Elimin8 program involves the gradual reintroduction of these 8 toxins in your diet. This is done so that you can physically experience the effects of these foods on your body.

While it may seem like hard work and a lot of sacrifice, hundreds of people have tried my Elimin8 program and seen fantastic results. Many reported enjoying the Elimin8 recipes, loving the way they felt after the cleanse and being scared to reintroduce the food they cut out. Most amazingly, some clients have even discovered the adverse effects that certain foods have on their bodies and permanently eliminated them from their diets!

 The Elimin8 program is not designed specifically for weight-loss, however losing weight is often a by-product of the program’s detoxifying effects, such as reduced inflammation – especially when coupled with an effective, regular exercise regime.

BODYTEC members who purchase this program will have the option of either having a private consult with Lisa or doing a DNA test, should you want very specific and tailor-made solutions.

You will also receive the My Body Back Recipe Book, which contains over 100 delicious and nutritious recipes that celebrate healthy eating, ranging from starters, smoothies, snacks, sauces and soups to breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

 In summary, purchase of this phase of the program includes the Elimin8 program and the re-introduction phase, as well as:


  • Elimin8 Recipe Book with over 30 recipes
  • A private consult with Lisa OR a DNA test
  • My Body Back Recipe Book with over 100 recipes