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Preorder - will be sent out middle to end of Nov

Not only is it beautiful and a practical piece of equipment but it is storage for all things fitness! This bench box has been thought up with alot of love by Lisa herself! It is something you could put in your livingroom, end of your bed or anywhere really and it will fit in the way it should but stand out due to the beauty of it! Soft and spongey corners make it safe for any little ones running around but sterdy to use as a step and bench as well, 

Sizes of the box: 

Length 1290 mm
Height  450 mm
Width 340 mm 


Made completely  from 18 mm shutter ply, including the bottom. Which is structurally very strong in the box type situation

Wipeable fabric 

The box assembly is with screws and glue, giving strength because of a chemical and mechanical bond  

Has a gas stay shock which keeps the lid open when putting items in the box. The lid hinges open upward like a kist. 

The sides are upholstered with 10 mm foam and the top with 25mm foam to give a soft comfortable feel 

Inside of the box is varnished and sealed 

The box has low feet underneath to allow air access under the box to let the underneath breath