Back Cross 2-in-1 Vest | Grey

R 499.00 R 999.00

This Back-Cross 2-in-1 Vest is so much more than your average tank top! 

Our Body Kind tops are where style meets comfort. Wear them for any workout… Their lightweight, cotton fabric won’t let you down. Alternatively, wear them out and about – don’t be afraid to dress them up! They’re flattering and feminine enough for any occasion.

Their lightweight, high-quality material truly brings comfort to fashion… This top’s back-cross detailing is so edgy and unique, bringing some grit to your outfit. 

This 2-in-1 vest gives you a crop top and sheer top in one shirt! An innovative statement piece… What’s not to love?


Size Guide 4/S  6/M 8/L
Outside vest length (cm) 59 60.5 62
Outside vest bust (cm) 66 70 74
Outside vest hem (cm) 87 91 95
Inside bra length (cm) 34 35 36
Inside hem (cm) 60 64 68