Adjustable Booty Band | Black

R 599.00

Introducing our super useful, and much-needed, Adjustable Booty Bands! Fabric resistance bands come in so many different lengths and strengths (levels of resistance). If you feel overwhelmed by all the different options out there, or don’t know which length is the one for you, look no further!

Our Adjustable Booty Bands give you a medium, “goldilocks” resistance, with an adjustable buckle feature. You can make it looser or tighter depending on the size of your thighs, and how tough you want that workout to be. It’s ONE fabric resistance band that fits ALL sizes of human – ideal for studio use, or home gym use for the entire family.

Our Adjustable Booty Bands also offer you a plastic-free resistance band alternative, that’s easy to clean and won’t buckle, crease or flip while you train!

Work your glutes, outer thighs and hamstrings in a way that’s efficient AND effective! This is the natural choice for all of you resistance-band lovers out there. Your squats, donkey kicks and leg lifts have never been more functional. Get that “booty” you’ve always wanted!