Rebounding is:

  • The flexible, affordable, fun – and effective – way to get fit.
  • Suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels.
  • A fitness modality that lets you train anywhere, on your terms.

Quality is key! Mass-produced rebounders often have a hard, jarring bounce which often leads to fewer health benefits and a higher risk of injury. bounti Rebounders are the highest quality rebounders available in South Africa, with:

  • A firm and buoyant bounce (not jarring)
  • Some of them with foldable frames for portability
  • High quality, strong mats
  • Large, galvanized, wide belly springs, and high-quality, durable bungee cords, for a smoother bounce.

In addition to our bounti Rebounders, we've also produced a range of rebounding accessories, programmes and classes, to help you make the most of your rebounding experience!