Santa’s Naughty & Nice List

LR Athlesiure Click here to shop
Bra 10% off  Santabk10
Leggings 10% off Santabk10
Athlesiure 10% off Santabk10
Programmes Click here to shop
Foundation Programme 30% off Santaprogramme30
Beginners Programme 30% off Santaprogramme30
bounti Beat Programme 30% off Santaprogramme30
Belly Book Programme 30% off Santaprogramme30
Moxie 6 month Programme 30% off Santaprogramme30
Re-set Programme
30% off
Classes Click here to shop
10 X Studio Classes 20% off Santaclasses20
Courses Click here to shop
Instructors Course 20% off Santacourse20
Kids Course 20% off Santacourse20
Workouts Click here to shop
Downloads 30% off Santadownload30
Body Bars Click here to shop
3kg Body Bar 15% off Santabar15
4kg Body Bar 15% off Santabar15
5kg Body Bar 15% off
Carry Bags & Skirts Click here to shop
Cary Bags 5% off Santabagskirt5
Foam Mat Bags 5% off
Skirts Click here to shop
Skirts 5% off
Kits  Click here to shop
Beginner Kit 5% off Santakit5
Intermediate Kit 5% off Santakit5
Advanced Kit 5% off Santakit5
Ankle Weights Click here to shop
Printed 5% off Santaankleweight5
5% off
Soles Click here to shop
bounti soles R300 off Marked down already
Socks 15% off Santafootwear15
Power shoes 15% off Santafootwear15