Name: Magdél Pretorius                     
Studio name: Meraki Bounce            
Area: Newcastle, KZN

I am a proud rebounding instructor and bounti Academy member! Since I discovered rebounding and specifically bounti I have loved it and wanted to share it with other ladies! I started my first instructor course with Lisa in March 2021 and opened my own studio in January 2022 here in Newcastle, KZN.

I love the fact that it is such a FUN fitness modality with low impact and that bounti definitely ticks all the boxes by including components of strength, flexibility, cardio, core work and balance. My newly built studio offers classes from Monday to Friday at different timeslots.                                 

Schedule and booking available online at:

Our classes are suitable to all ladies irrespective of age, size, shape or fitness level. Just a few minutes of rebounding is well deserved "me time " to every lady, mom and girl and I love to be able to share it!                             

Find us on:
Instagram: MerakiBounce
Tel / Whatsapp: 083 337 8454             
Address: 45 McIntosh Avenue, Pioneer Park, Newcastle, 2940