Dianora is a STOTT Pilates Instructor and a Bounti Instructor.

After suffering a herniated disc between L4 and L5 a couple of years back, Dianora consistently managed being free from back pain with Pilates and walking. However, she missed the cardio aspect to her exercise regime as any hard impact exercise like running always compromised her back.

It was during lockdown that she was fortunate enough to come across Lisa Raleigh’s social media page and bought her first rebounder. Dianora fell in love with rebounding the very first time she jumped on her mini trampoline and was excited that she could now get in a cardio workout that was soft on her joints.

Lisa and all her instructors passion for rebounding inspired Dianora to do the Bounti Instructors Course.

Dianora is super excited to be adding rebounding to her Pilates Studio. Dianora’s rebounding classes are pilates based so her clients can get the best of both worlds!

Facebook: LIVE Pilates
Instagram: livepilatesjhb
E-mail: didirivetti@gmail.com
Address: 30 Garden Road, Orchards, Johannesburg Cell Number: +27 71 365 7538