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Think jumping on a trampoline is just a fun activity for kids? Think again. Rebounding not only brings the fun back into fitness, it’s one of the best, low-impact exercises you can do for super-quick results.

After extensive research, author, lecturer and the pioneer of rebound exercise, Albert E Carter said, “ Rebounding is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”.

And, there’s a reason why NASA trained astronauts are put straight onto a 12-week rebounding programme after returning from space. Astronauts are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis as they lose up to 15% of their total muscle mass and bone density in space, thanks to zero gravity. This also accelerates bone loss and generally weakens the body.

However, rebounding on a mini-trampoline is one of the quickest ways to rebuild muscle mass and improve overall strength and fitness levels. This is because the body works twice as hard to defy gravity (as well as the forces of acceleration and deceleration) when bouncing on a mini trampoline, and this has an impact on every cell, muscle and organ in the body.

In fact, NASA scientists discovered that jumping regularly on a mini trampoline (for just 10 minutes at a time), requires more effort than jogging but with no negative impact on the joints.

The good news is, there are over 40 benefits of rebounding which range from weight loss to disease prevention, to ant-ageing and optimal cellular performance.

Watch why rebounding is for you:

Rebounding is the ultimate exercise for all ages and stages
Rebounding is ideal for everyone at any age. In fact, if you can walk, you can bounce!

There are no age limits or social boundaries and you can’t help but smile when you bounce, which makes it a fun, convenient way to burn calories and build up a sweat!

Rebounding is also ideal for those who can’t do other forms of exercise due to chronic pain or health conditions such as arthritis or obesity, as well as for athletes recovering from injuries – as it’s easy on the joints and ligaments, while helping to speed up recovery. 

Rebounding for post-partum recovery  
When you jump on a rebounder, every muscle in the body is engaged including the muscles surrounding your organs. And, when you land, your deeper abdominal muscles stabilise your body, including your pelvic floor muscles. These deeper muscular contractions help to strengthen and tighten the muscles that become lax during pregnancy.

This works much the same way as a Kegel exercise which is key to preventing bladder issues such as incontinence. It is especially necessary after childbirth.

Find out why rebounding should be your go-to exercise to speed up recovery, lose weight and build a strong core after baby – by clicking here.

Rebounding is efficient and convenient
Did you know that rebounding is extremely time efficient? Only two minutes of intense rebounding can have the same whole body affect as:

  • Running for 6 minutes
  • Swimming for 10 minutes
  • Walking for 22 minutes

Rebounding for kids
While all forms of exercise are good for children, there are some major benefits of rebounding, specifically for growing minds and bodies:

It builds a strong core
Rebounding is one of the best exercises to stabilise the core muscles as it also improves balance and coordination. It’s a full body exercise, which means that a single jump uses all the large, major muscle groups.

It’s portable and convenient
The Spring Studio Pro Rebounder is lightweight and fully portable. It has foldable legs and you can purchase a carry bag which means kids can bounce indoors or outdoors, anywhere, anytime. No need to sit for hours on the couch when you can bounce!

The Bungee Studio Pro Rebounder is larger and wider, which makes it ideal for taller, larger children who need more space to bounce.

It provides vestibular stimulation
The vestibular system is centred in the inner ear and it ‘talks’ directly to the brain via a key nerve pathway. It controls the sense of movement and balance and plays an important role in child development.

It engages all the senses
When a child jumps, there’s an abundance of brain activity as bouncing aids the development of vision, visual-motor skills, hearing and auditory-motor skills. Trampolines also help to develop good body awareness, as children learn about how their different body parts move- as well as where they are in space and what direction they’re moving in. This all helps to build confidence.

It builds better coordination and balance
As kids bounce, they sense the gravitational shifts and pulls which happen on a trampoline and their bodies respond by adjusting their position. The body has to work hard to stay upright and balanced- and this is where the magic happens, in all aspects!

It’s a mood and immune booster
Besides boosting fitness, trampolining also improves digestion, blood circulation, stimulates internal organs, promotes lymphatic circulation and drainage and strengthens the immune system. The improved circulation of oxygen to your children’s brains can help to make them feel more alert and refreshed and improve concentration.

Also, the increased oxygen circulation stimulates the release of endorphins – neurotransmitters that can reduce stress and anxiety and promote happiness in both younger kids and teens!

It’s safe and fun for the whole family
You don’t need to miss out on exercise when your child bounces. You can join in too! We have an extensive series of age-appropriate rebounding workouts for families. They're short and choreographed to fun songs so your kids will be entertained throughout and won’t even realise they’re exercising. Available from ages 2-6, and 5-7.

The ultimate way to train…
If you’re looking for a versatile way to train at-home that’ll really get your heart rate pumping, rebounding is your answer.

We have a wide selection of rebounding workouts to try, ranging from 5 minutes to 55 minutes (available in convenient bundle packs too), as well as the best rebounding accessories on my e-store to enhance your workout and increase the burn!

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New to rebounding?
If you’re new to rebounding and want to build up slowly, as well as learn all the basics including how to stand, move and bounce on the rebounder – sign up to my next 8-week bounti Beginner’s Programme now.

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